Locksmith Services

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   Great Variety of Services at Competitive Prices

Fort Lauderdale Florida Locksmith offers the highest value for money locksmith services is the city. We make sure that every cent counts when it comes to the quality of our repair work, the systems we install and how quickly we upgrade your security to a burglar proof state. If you have an emergency call us immediately at:

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We will be there quickly to help you out!

Commercial Services

Making sure that businesses are safe from theft and intrusion is one of our best skills. Our dedicated team will fix, repair and change the locks of your commercial space quickly and efficiently. Our high security locks are especially popular with businesses all over Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

If you are looking for added security, we have a variety of devices that will suit you:
• Intercoms
• Buzzers
• Digital Control Card Systems
• Digital Control Keypads

We also specialize in repairing safes of most known brands, which is just as efficient as and much cheaper than buying a new safe. Just give us a call at:

(561) 300-6095

and your commercial locksmith needs will be covered in no time!


Residential Services

Fort Lauderdale Florida Locksmith has already helped countless homeowners in rendering their properties safe from thievery and intrusion. Since events of burglary are on the rise in our state, we have created special action plans on how to prevent your property from being targeted.
If you fear that your home security has been compromised with copied keys, we offer you a cheap alternative to changing all your locks: We will re-key your old locks for a fraction of the price that it costs to install new ones.

Our team will repair old locks and install new ones quickly and efficiently. We offer dead bolt systems that are impossible to ‘key bump’. Our company also offers door knob locks and master systems.

A master system allows you to open all doors of your home with the same key, while everyone else has to use several keys to do so. We offer FREE consultation. Just call:

(561) 300-6095

Auto Services

Door locks, trunk locks and car keys are often the first things that break in your car. Changing them at the car dealership will cost a significant amount of money, and that’s why it is smarter to simply call an expert locksmith company like us, to do it for you at only a fraction of the price.
We can expertly laser cut car keys, even transponder keys. Our team can easily remove broken key parts from your ignition or door locks, without damaging your car. We fix all car locks with ease!